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President: Christine Fanelli


I have been involved with WAG for a number of years. I began as an adopter that volunteered at meet and greets and other WAG activities. I spent many Saturday mornings, in all types of weather, traveling with my hound Willow to South Windsor to walk the dogs WAG had staying at a kennel. I began fostering not too long after I adopted Willow. I managed to foster for a while before failing at fostering with Lance, my second greyhound. I have since lost both Willow and Lance, but am the proud owner of Maggie and Bullet and I continue to foster. My other volunteer experiences include being involved with the pet therapy program at Bristol Hospital and as a member of the YMCA Camp Sloper Alumni Committee.

Vice President: Marc Stiller


The Vice President, performs the duties of the President whenever he/she is not present.  The V.P. also attends the Board of Directors’ meetings and keeps up to date on the various issues involved in the running of the organization.  He/she also performs other duties as needed such as:  making the agendas for the Board of Directors’ meetings, helping with fundraisers, attending meet and greets, greyhound walks and other WAG functions, editing the newsletter, etc..

Treasurer: Lauren Gargano-Yates



Recording Secretary: Jeffrey Buckman


The Recording Secretary takes notes/minutes at Board of Directors meetings and the annual membership meeting, and types up the minutes and distributes them.

Corresponding Secretary: Rori Friedman


The Corresponding Secretary writes and mails thank you notes, sympathy cards, and notes of acknowledgement.

Administrative Director: Vacant

The administrative director is the primary board member responsible for volunteer coordination, media outreach & public relations, and event planning, including the monthly WAG walks, regular meet-and-greets, and the occasional larger events that we do (WAG Gathering, etc.)

Operations Director: Nicole Cylkowski


IT/Media Director: Vacant

The IT/Media director is responsible for managing and maintaining the website and social media accounts with regular updates, managing our email accounts and file vault system, handling our online payment systems , and working with the other board members for the various online accounts and general IT troubleshooting

Voting Member: Michelle Vanase-Frawley