Past Yogi Medical Fund recipients

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Past Yogi Fund recipients:

Yogi – broken leg
Lexi – broken leg
Gavin – broken leg
Spud – amputated tail
Lady – broken toe
Skye – severe dog bite wounds from previous home
Ruby – protein-losing enteropathy (PLE)
Panda – osteosarcoma
Andy – broken leg
Roxy – nasal fungus at first thought to be a nasal tumor, had surgery and then anti-fungal treatment
Charlie – lumbosacral stenosis (LS) – medication, massage therapy
Snowie – broken leg
Corey – broken leg
Clark – broken leg
Lucas – antibiotics for skin infection, skin scrapings, food allergies, prescription dog food
Spencer – transferred from Humane Society due to leg wound that would not heal, wound required water therapy and topical treatments
Roger – broken leg
Twister – thyroid problems, chronic lyme disease, arthritis
Shaylee – broken leg
Hero – broken leg
Tommy – broken leg
Snowball – broken leg
Celesta – broken leg
Murphy – broken leg
Tess – broken leg
Queenie – broken leg
King – heartworm treatment
Becky/Piglet – erosive immune-mediated polyarthritis
Float – Broken leg
Cricket – Degenerative Myelopathy (DM) and pinched nerve in neck
Chase – kidney failure
Maggie – broken leg
Sophie -(idiopathic epilepsy)
Andy – (injured hock, torn muscles, corns)
Myles – Broken leg
Kitara – eye problems
Bryce – leg issues
Jimmy – hind end weakness, balance problems, brain tumor