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Check in again to see the newest arrivals of hounds!




Racing name:

PJ Rebel Yell

Age: 1.5 yrs

Sex: Male

Cats: Yes

Small dogs: Yes

Kids: Yes

Kramer is a sweet boy, but he is on the shy side. He never ended up racing because he refused to walk on a lead. He will be going into the prison program to work on some leash manners and get some training and socialization. He will be available for adoption in about 2 months after he arrives. We have adopted out his mom (PJ Love Bites, aka Krown) and she lives in CT as well.

More info soon!

Please call or text 860-845-7196
for adoption info.



Stevie – Special Needs (Blind) 


Hey everyone! Who wants a puppy?! How about a foster puppy?? This is Stevie (Wonder). He is blind but that doesn’t stop him from exploring and being a happy and healthy pup! He will be coming north and joining WAG shortly and we’d love to find a foster home for him ASAP.

Posted by We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc (WAG) on Monday, January 28, 2019

Racing name:

Stevie Wonder

(Never Raced)

Age: 3.5 yrs

Sex: Male

Cats: N/A

Small dogs: N/A

Kids: N/A


He’s your typical puppy. So outgoing. Nothing seems to frighten him sound wise despite his lack of vision. Makes his way around pretty good too once he knows the lay of the land! Loves other dogs but loves people even more. And loves food the most. We think he will be very treat motivated for training – he should go to a home with another dog for guidance and a sight hound savvy home. He was born 9/1/18

Please call or text 860-845-7196
for adoption info.