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We currently have 21 hounds looking for a home: RWC Wannabe Jack, Dakota’s Buella, JT Skydiver, Emporia, Lola, Beckett, Kingston, Easton, RWC Yellowjacket, Rico’s Lester, Flat out Nixa,  Popeye,  Flyer, Penny, Polo, Cooper,  Slick, Daisy,  Leo,  Hogan,  Mason.

Scarlet has been adopted!

Starz has been adopted!

Stepper has been adopted!

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Hello Members and Friends of WAG,
Meet and Greets are:NONE

Oct. 25

A lighthearted yoga class with your dog followed by a guided massage routine for you and your dog. No yoga or massage experience necessary. Bring a yoga mat for you. If your dog is bothered by lying on hard floors, consider bringing a blanket or mat for your dog to rest on.

Class led by Jenna Haley MS, Certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher. As a former licensed massage therapist for 10 years and a weekend athlete, I understand the power of touch for healing and relaxation. I now share massage with my 4 dogs to support our bond and help them feel better. It’s wonderful to watch doggie bliss develop on their faces!

$30 for Human/Dog Team
$15 for individuals
Children under 12 Free


All Breeds of Dog are Welcome!

Monthly Hound Walk

The monthly hound walk is scheduled for October 18th at 1 PM ( a little earlier for cooler months) in old Wethersfield. Usual meeting spot of Keeney Cultural Center, map. Halloween walk, so dress up the hounds!



Nov. 7

Hello Wag Family and Friends!

We Adopt Greyhounds is putting on a fundraising event that is going to be a ton of fun at the Muse Paintbar in West Hartford! The event will run from roughly 11:30 – 2:30pm on Saturday the 7th of November and costs $45 per person.

For those not familiar with MUSE,all who attend will be given a blank canvas and we will all be painting (with detailed guided instruction — don’t worry!) the same painting.

Please sign up here: https://events.musepaintbar.com/index.php/welcome/edit/8133

If you’d like to create a “seating group” please do! There is a seating max so sign up early!

We will be working on a greyhound painting custom made for our event! While this is not the picture we will be painting, necessarily since we haven’t created it yet, I wanted to give everyone an idea of what we will be painting. Have any ideas on paintings? Let me know! We get to work with the artist to come up with it!
And for those afraid of the fact that it is a totally BLANK canvas, don’t worry! The instructor(s) is/are there to help and also fix any issues that come up! Also, there is wine and beer available for purchase! I’ve been to dozens of these classes and let me tell you, you’d be amazed at how easy it all is and how great everyone’s pictures will come out!

Best of all?? Part of all of our admission tickets goes directly back to We Adopt Greyhounds! With your attendance, we can continue our mission to re-home retired racers, help senior dogs, brood moms, and dogs with medical concerns, and continue with our hugely successful CT Prison Programs!

Some food and snacks will be provide as well as non-alcoholic drinks but if anyone is interesting in helping to provide baked goods or snacks, that would be fantastic!

Also – we are looking to hold some raffles, auctions, and other activities throughout the event (to help raise more money for WAG!). If you have any thoughts or ideas or items to donate (or connections to leverage), please don’t hesitate to reach out to me!

Thank you all for your continued support — we couldn’t do what we do without you! See you there!

Rori Friedman
Corresponding Secretary



We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc.



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For those without a Facebook profile, our page can be viewed here.

Bristol mum parade 9/28/14 here.

Southington walk, group picture 4/27/2014 here.

Pictures from the 2013 Haloween walk on 10/13/13 here.

Pictures from the MDC walk on 7/22/13 here.

Pictures from our MDC walk on 5/18/13 here.

Pictures from our Collinsville walk on 4/28/13 here.

St. Patrick’s Day Walk, MDC Reservoir, West Hartford, CT March 17 2013 here.

Pictures from January 20th Farmington rails to trails walk in Southington here.

Pictures from our Halloween walk!  Sunday, October 28th 2012 here.

2012 Bristol Mum parade here.

2012 WAG Games and Gathering here and here.

Vernon/ Rockville volunteer appreciation picnic 6/9/2012 here.


This is a fun group to be a part of!

There are many different ways to help WAG!

We always need foster homes If interested in fostering please contact Johanna (Johanna@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org)

We need volunteers for tasks like driving foster dogs to/from vet appointments, events, for picking up new dogs from a hauler or transport, for helping to hold foster dogs and talk to potential adopters at events, etc. If you would like to help with foster dogs or adoptions, please contact Johanna (johanna@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

We also need volunteers to help plan, organize, and help at adoption events, fundraisers, awareness events, etc. To help promote and publicize WAG and greyhounds as pets, or to raise money for WAG and the Yogi Medical Fund. If you would like to help with events, public awareness, or fundraising, please contact Johanna (johanna@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

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 Triple Crown

Triple Crown

Grim Fact

Grim Fact

Wanna B Jack

Wanna B Jack

RLM’s Emporia

 RLM's Emporia











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