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updated 9/9/14

News Bit

Our Autumn 2104 newsletter is here!




Hi Everyone:

We are in need, desperate need, of foster homes.

Can anyone help? Please Email  fostering@weadoptgreyhounds.org




 As you’ve read in recent posts, WAG’s expenses are steadily increasing for the greyhounds that we take in. But, you can help us! Do you have a talent for Fundraising? Whether you can fundraise on a large scale for us or even a little bit, you’re a person we need. Can you plan, organize, and carry out an activity such as a walk-a-thon or golf-a-thon-for-greyhounds, host a wine and cheese party, have a tag-sale, rake leaves with a monetary portion donated to WAG, or designate Holiday gifts as ‘donations to WAG’?  I’m sure you can think of many ways to help us. Interested? Contact Linda at Linda@weadoptgreyhounds.org. 




We currently have  22 hounds looking for a home: Bo-Peep, Alexis, Design,  Foxey Fox, Wannabereal, Little Joe, Little LuLu, Bud, Ian, Indy, Uno, Slick, Fabulous, Dash,  Zoe, Flyer, Leo, Flash,  Kayden, Holyfield, Linus, Mason.

Venus has been adopted!

Chiquita has been adopted!

Pookie has been adopted!

Chloe has been adopted!

Tyson has been adopted!

Teddy has been adopted!

Cole has been adopted!

Riley has been adopted!

Jasmine has been adopted !

Magoo has been adopted!

Alexandrite has been adopted!

Janet has been adopted!

Sweetie has been adopted!

Brady is adoption pending!




baloonsGary Wilbrandt and Christina Corbett on your adoption of Chiquita!

baloonsKimberly Selander on your adoption of Pookie!

baloonsJoseph and Rachel DePaolo on your adoption of Saturday!

baloonsKandi and Bill Howland on your adoption of Jumbo!

baloonsSean E on your adoption of Britches!

baloonsRichard and Elizabeth  Johnson on your adoption of Dave!




Kayden needs a home/foster home!


Kayden is a tall, elegant white and brindle boy who had a long and successful racing career.  He is a recent graduate of the CT Prison Greyhounds 8 week training class and knows many commands, such as sit, down, wait, watch me, go to place just to name a few.  He also does tricks, such as paw and speak.  This beautiful boy’s ideal home would have no other dogs or cats, as he is high prey and a bit dominant with other dogs.  He is fine in a “social” situation with other dogs of his size, such as on greyhound walks or events, but likes all the attention from his humans for himself.  Kayden can be strong willed, so we would prefer that he be placed with a dog knowledgeable person/family who will remind Kayden that the humans are in charge, and will reinforce all of his excellent training.  We think Kayden would be fine with older kids.   Won’t you consider giving this handsome and deserving guy a chance?



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Hello Friends of WAG,
We’re waiting until the January Thaw to have our next Monthly Hound Walk but we’ve already planned our February Valentine’s Day walk. See below for more information on this along with Meet & Greet dates.
Meet and Greets are:
January 2015     None
Saturday February 14    Petsmart/East Hartford, 5 Main Street, East Hartford, CT.   11:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.
We especially need your help at the Petsmart Meet and Greet which is having a ‘Be Mine’ Adoption Weekend. We expect our partner pet store to see more customers during this event so let’s use this opportunity to show off our hounds and promote greyhound adoption!
Foster parents and dogs are encouraged to attend.
Themed Monthly Hound Walk    ‘Be My Valentine’
Sunday 2/15     Main Street, Downtown Glastonbury, CT.   1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.  Please note the Winter start time.
Show everyone how much you love your hound(s)! Attire for this event is ‘Red/Pink’ and ‘Hearts’. Don’t forget to dress yourself! A fun Valentine’s Day gift will be waiting for your hound. Join us on our easy-going walk along Main Street and to the Town Green and back.
Meeting location is directly across the street from the Welles-Turner Library, 2407 Main Street, Glastonbury. Parking is available at various shopping areas.
January 2015 Board of Directors Meeting
The We Adopt Greyhounds Board of Directors Meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 14 from 6:45 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. tentatively at the Bristol Library, 5 High Street, Bristol, CT. There is always the possibility that at any Board of Directors Meeting that the meeting can go into Executive Session. If this happens, you will be asked to leave the room but will then be able to re-join us for the regular Board meeting upon the end of the Executive Session. If you have a topic which you would like placed on the Agenda, please contact Cathy at Catherine@weadoptgreyhounds.org.
Linda Anthes
Administrative Director
We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc.



Past events pictures

For those without a Facebook profile, our page can be viewed here.

Bristol mum parade 9/28/14 here.

Southington walk, group picture 4/27/2014 here.

Pictures from the 2013 Haloween walk on 10/13/13 here.

Pictures from the MDC walk on 7/22/13 here.

Pictures from our MDC walk on 5/18/13 here.

Pictures from our Collinsville walk on 4/28/13 here.

St. Patrick’s Day Walk, MDC Reservoir, West Hartford, CT March 17 2013 here.

Pictures from January 20th Farmington rails to trails walk in Southington here.

Pictures from our Halloween walk!  Sunday, October 28th 2012 here.

2012 Bristol Mum parade here.

2012 WAG Games and Gathering here and here.

Vernon/ Rockville volunteer appreciation picnic 6/9/2012 here.


This is a fun group to be a part of!

There are many different ways to help WAG!

We always need foster homes If interested in fostering please contact Johanna (Johanna@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org)

We need volunteers for tasks like driving foster dogs to/from vet appointments, events, for picking up new dogs from a hauler or transport, for helping to hold foster dogs and talk to potential adopters at events, etc. If you would like to help with foster dogs or adoptions, please contact Linda (Linda@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

We also need volunteers to help plan, organize, and help at adoption events, fundraisers, awareness events, etc. To help promote and publicize WAG and greyhounds as pets, or to raise money for WAG and the Yogi Medical Fund. If you would like to help with events, public awareness, or fundraising, please contact Linda (Linda@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

All of WAG’s upcoming events are also listed here: WAG Events Calendar


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A Plea For Donations

Dear Friends of WAG:

Those of you who follow WAG on Facebook and check our web site regularly know that WAG takes in many dogs in need of “extra help”, such as seniors, brood mamas and dogs with broken legs, and that recently we have had greyhounds in our program that have had unexpected extraordinary medical expenses. In addition, we have been adopting out many more dogs than we have historically; 85 in 2013, and we are on track to exceed that in 2014. Our adoption fees do not cover our medical expenses even on “healthy” dogs; therefore, our increased volume in adoptions has caused WAG to operate at an increased loss. As supporters of WAG, we know that all of you take a great deal of pride and interest in the good work being done. Unfortunately, these good works have caused WAG’s bank balances to steadily decline. If you can help one of the dogs below by making a donation or adopting one of them.

Click any image for large view



Brady is one of our Prison Graduates.  He became very ill in December with lethargy and a high fever, and was rushed to Pieper Memorial for diagnosis.  After a battery of expensive tests, it was determined that he had an abscess in his right lung.  After much supportive care, he will undergo surgery to remove the affected portion of his lung.  He is expected to make a full recovery, and has an adoptive home waiting for him.



Puppy Calvin got his leg caught in a fence at the farm, and required an extensive surgical repair.

Hogan and Slick


Slick had a shattered front leg and major surgery to repair it

Hogan had an accident as a puppy causing him to be deaf in one ear and blind in one eye. These issues created behavior problems needing a consult at Tufts animal behavior clinic.



Indy broke his leg during a race and had surgery to repair the break.  Upon his arrival in CT, we noticed that he seemed to have some issues with his eyesight.  He has been evaluated by an ophthalmologist and has been diagnosed with retinal degeneration, and will eventually completely lose his eyesight.



Flyer is a sweet boy waiting for his forever home.  Unfortunately he suffers from seizures and a variety of auto-immune issues, which have made it hard for him to find a home.  WAG continues to provide for his ongoing medical needs.

Thank you for your support of WAG. Please consider making a tax deductible donation.

The WAG Board of Directors.

Use the PayPal link below

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Coming Soon

Coming Soon!


Click any image for large view


Alexis 1 year old! Cat safe!


WW’s Mambo

WW'S Mambo

RWC Wannabe

RWC Foxeyfox

RWC Litle big man

RWC Little Joe




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