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updated 9/9/14

News Bit

Our Autumn 2104 newsletter is here!


Kayden needs a home/foster home!


Kayden is a tall, elegant white and brindle boy who had a long and successful racing career.  He is a recent graduate of the CT Prison Greyhounds 8 week training class and knows many commands, such as sit, down, wait, watch me, go to place just to name a few.  He also does tricks, such as paw and speak.  This beautiful boy’s ideal home would have no other dogs or cats, as he is high prey and a bit dominant with other dogs.  He is fine in a “social” situation with other dogs of his size, such as on greyhound walks or events, but likes all the attention from his humans for himself.  Kayden can be strong willed, so we would prefer that he be placed with a dog knowledgeable person/family who will remind Kayden that the humans are in charge, and will reinforce all of his excellent training.  We think Kayden would be fine with older kids.   Won’t you consider giving this handsome and deserving guy a chance?


Hi Everyone:

We are in need, desperate need, of foster homes.

Can anyone help? Please Email  fostering@ weadoptgreyhounds.org



Latest News

Four WAG hounds were delivered to their handlers at Corrigan Radgowski Correctional Center, and were promptly renamed.  RWC June, the blue brindle girl will go by the name “June”; RWC January will be called Tyson; UMR Nosey Bill will be known as Leo; and by executive order of Warden Scott Erfe, DKC What will now be tagged as Holyfield (I will leave it to all of you to examine “What’s” pictures to understand the propriety of this moniker.)  This is a confident group of dogs; all happily entered the prison tails a’ wagging, not afraid of the new sights and sounds.  The hounds seemed to bond quickly to their handlers, which was a wonderful sight to behold. On hand to assist the dog’s on this first leg of their journey were volunteers Joyce Augello, Sandy Callanan, Nick Sweeting, Rori Friedman, Marc Stiller, Sean Embleton, Chris Fanelli, Rick Lukas, Baby Annie and Johanna Lewis.   Thanks to Cathy Esposito, the Rogers Family and the Miller Family for fostering Holyfield, June and Leo!   Nick has kindly volunteered to visit again tomorrow and will give us a “first night” report  after his visit.   We can’t wait!



 As you’ve read in recent posts, WAG’s expenses are steadily increasing for the greyhounds that we take in. But, you can help us! Do you have a talent for Fundraising? Whether you can fundraise on a large scale for us or even a little bit, you’re a person we need. Can you plan, organize, and carry out an activity such as a walk-a-thon or golf-a-thon-for-greyhounds, host a wine and cheese party, have a tag-sale, rake leaves with a monetary portion donated to WAG, or designate Holiday gifts as ‘donations to WAG’?  I’m sure you can think of many ways to help us. Interested? Contact Linda at Linda@weadoptgreyhounds.org. 




We currently have 9 hounds looking for a home:  Tyson, Leo, Flash,  Caden, Linus, Trix, Mason, Sweetie and Jimmy.

Holyfield is adoption pending!

Brody is adoption pending!

June is adoption pending!

Samson is adoption pending!

Zoe has been adopted!

Britches is adopted!

Dave is adopted!

Buffalo is adopted!

Latto is adopted!

Francie is adopted!


baloonsSean E on your adoption of Britches!

baloonsRichard and Elizabeth  Johnson on your adoption of Dave!

baloonsJessica Stepanek on your adoption of Latto!

baloonsNorbert Garcia, Michael Russo on your adoption of Francie!

baloonsThe Dziekiewicz family on your adoption of Gargamel!

baloonsCheryl and Ken Gregory on your adoption of Annie!

baloonsMary and Wayne Meyers on your adoption of Hot Shot and Godfrey!








Would you like to volunteer for a Meet & Greet event by holding or walking the greyhounds while we speak to potential adopters or foster parents? Even an hour of your time is appreciated. Please e-mail Linda at Linda@weadoptgreyhounds.org if you can help for a shift.
Saturday 9/27   The Annual Renaissaince Faire/Meet & Greet/Pet Adoption Weekend    Dodd Stadium   Norwich, CT   10:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
WAG will be participating in this Pet Adoption Event on only Saturday instead of the entire weekend. The Faire features jousting knights, games of skill, jesters, magicians, and family fun. The event looks to be an interesting and new avenue to meet Faire-Goers and speak to them about greyhounds for adoption or fostering.
CANCELED    Meet & Greet Sunday 9/14  Petsmart/East Hartford    Instead, volunteer with us at the Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show!
Sunday 9/14    Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show      Simsbury Airport   94 Wolcott Road, Simsbury, CT      8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.  
What are we doing now?  We’re attending the 29th Annual Simsbury Fly-In and Car Show at the Simsbury Airport! It’s the largest event of it’s kind in New England and is attended by an estimated 14,000 people. Some features in the past year have included antique airplanes, homebuilts, small former military aircraft, formation flying demonstrations, exotic vehicles, hot rods, seminars, and exhibits by local vendors.
So, let’s continue to talk to the public about those wonderful greyhounds who need homes.
If you can volunteer for a few hours, please contact Linda at Linda@weadoptgreyhounds.org .
MONTHLY HOUND WALK      Sunday 9/28 at the Bristol Mum Parade
WAG is marching in Bristol’s 53rd Annual Chrysanthemum Festival again! More details coming for the meeting place and time. If you plan to attend, please e-mail Chris at Chris@weadoptgreyhounds.org .
Linda Anthes
Administrative Director
We Adopt Greyhounds, Inc.


Saturday October 4    Volunteer Appreciation Day    Henry Park, 120 South Street, Vernon/Rockville, CT   1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
The WAG Board of Directors would like to honor you and your friends for your time and efforts given to the greyhounds as well as to us! If you’ve talked to the hounds,  talked about the hounds, fostered them, helped us with a Dog Haul or Special Events, or even just stopped by to say ‘Hello’, please join us for this fun afternoon. There will be a Hound Walk from 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. up to the Fox Tower and back. The walk is on a paved surface with a slight incline going up to the Tower. Volunteer recognition starts at 2:30 p.m. Meet us at the Picnic Groves immediately past the ball field. Bring a picnic lunch if you’d like. We’ll be providing the bottled water and cake for the humans and a surprise for your hound. RSVP to Linda at Linda@weadoptgreyhounds.org.


Past events pictures

For those without a Facebook profile, our page can be viewed here.

Southington walk, group picture 4/27/2014 here.

Pictures from the 2013 Haloween walk on 10/13/13 here.

Pictures from the MDC walk on 7/22/13 here.

Pictures from our MDC walk on 5/18/13 here.

Pictures from our Collinsville walk on 4/28/13 here.

St. Patrick’s Day Walk, MDC Reservoir, West Hartford, CT March 17 2013 here.

Pictures from January 20th Farmington rails to trails walk in Southington here.

Pictures from our Halloween walk!  Sunday, October 28th 2012 here.

2012 Bristol Mum parade here.

2012 WAG Games and Gathering here and here.

Vernon/ Rockville volunteer appreciation picnic 6/9/2012 here.


This is a fun group to be a part of!

There are many different ways to help WAG!

We always need foster homes If interested in fostering please contact Johanna (Johanna@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org)

We need volunteers for tasks like driving foster dogs to/from vet appointments, events, for picking up new dogs from a hauler or transport, for helping to hold foster dogs and talk to potential adopters at events, etc. If you would like to help with foster dogs or adoptions, please contact Linda (Linda@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

We also need volunteers to help plan, organize, and help at adoption events, fundraisers, awareness events, etc. To help promote and publicize WAG and greyhounds as pets, or to raise money for WAG and the Yogi Medical Fund. If you would like to help with events, public awareness, or fundraising, please contact Linda (Linda@WeAdoptGreyhounds.org).

All of WAG’s upcoming events are also listed here: WAG Events Calendar

A Plea For Donations

Dear Friends of WAG:

Those of you who follow WAG on Facebook and check our web site regularly know that WAG takes in many dogs in need of “extra help”, such as seniors, brood mamas and dogs with broken legs, and that recently we have had greyhounds in our program that have had unexpected extraordinary medical expenses. In addition, we have been adopting out many more dogs than we have historically; 65 in 2012, and we are on track to exceed that in 2013. Our adoption fees do not cover our medical expenses even on “healthy” dogs; therefore, our increased volume in adoptions has caused WAG to operate at an increased loss. As supporters of WAG, we know that all of you take a great deal of pride and interest in the good work being done. Unfortunately, these good works have caused WAG’s bank balances to steadily decline. If you can help one of the dogs below by making a donation or adopting one of them.

Click any image for large view



It was brought to WAG’s attention that this beautiful girl was in a Humane Society Shelter in MA. She had originally been placed by that organization at the age of 3, and was being relinquished at the age of 10 due to a decline in her owner’s circumstances. You can only imagine how traumatic it was for this couch potato to find herself back in the shelter. The Humane Society agreed to transfer her to us, and she is now in foster care. Although she is up to date on her vaccines and already spayed, Kitara is in need of extensive dental work. Can you help offset some of this expense? Kitara is a sweet spunky girl. She has the softest silky coat you will ever touch!

Jimmy and Blue



They are 12.5 and 9.5 years old respectively. They were originally placed by a Rhode Island adoption group which no longer exists. Their owner could no longer care for them but could not return them to the original group. She was referred to several greyhound groups and contacted them to see if they could help her. None of these groups had the space or the resources to take these boys; their next step was to be dropped off at a shelter. At their age and with their medical needs, it is doubtful that they would have found forever homes. Both boys were sadly neglected; flea infested, long toe nails, and underlying medical issues. Blue had a mass growing in his mouth that had to be removed and biopsied (it was benign). He was limping; after much diagnostics, it was determined he has arthritis and an abcess. He has been treated and is doing well. Jimmy had a weak back end due to his age. Both boys are cherished in foster homes. Blue is a happy, spunky guy. Jimmy is sweet and quiet and loves to be petted. Both are cat and small dog friendly.



After a career in racing, Sweetie was used as a brood mama; can you think of a dog more deserving of a forever home. She came to WAG at 10.5 years old (she will be 11 in February.) When she arrived, she had some pain issues, which have been resolved. Like most broodies, her teeth were terrible, and we had a large dental expense for her. She is a lover, gives kisses, and a velcro dog.



Jenna recently broke her leg during a race. It required surgery and she is recuperating in WV. She will be ready for adoption in November.

Hard Drive.

Hard Drive

We almost lost Hard Drive to complications from her spay surgery. She has “greyhound bleeding disorder”, and required transfusions, expensive medication and an extensive hospital stay. WAG is happy to report that she has made a full recovery and will be ready for adoption at the end of the month. She is a happy affectionate girl.

Quirky Boomerang.


Now Emmett, has been adopted. Earlier this year Emmett nearly died from vasculitis caused by a spider bite. We are happy to report that he has made a full recovery. He, too, had an extensive hospitalization and recovery. His medical bills were well in excess of $10,000.

Thank you for your support of WAG. Please consider making a tax deductible donation.

The WAG Board of Directors.

Use the PayPal link below

paypal_logo _Pay_With

Coming Soon

Coming Soon!


Click any image for large view















C Hello Booboo




Lickety Split


Racing name: CTW Lickety Split

Just one year old in June. He broke his front leg in his schooling, because it is a front leg he will have a lengthy rehab.

He will be available soon.

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